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About us

Ancient Zimbabwean wisdom says, "A house of stone will never be shaken."

Project GreenStone is a multi-sectoral coordinated effort, to design and rebuild a Cyclone IDAI damaged, organic farming village in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.
Our aim is to provide, disaster proof and enabling infrastructure, that will support the organic farming and export activity of the village, and thereby sustainably improve their economic livelihood.
Founded by FruitCon BV and Realty Africa, The Netherlands Enterprise Agency supported project, is made up of a team of cross sectoral partners, all working towards achieving long-term, scaleable, rural development, that is in harmony with nature.


Project Background


Rusitu Valley Farmers

A Trust founded in 1988, by 1300 pineapple and banana farmers. Today the Trust has approx. 700 active members. Of these were a group of Queen Victoria (baby) pineapple farmers, who are working towards getting organic certification for export to the EU. GreenStone Foods (Pvt) Ltd is the Trust's commercial partner, that provides market linkages for fresh and processed, local and export market sales.

Cyclone IDAI

2 weeks prior to the organic certification audit, in March 2019, Cyclone IDAI hit, devastating the area. It's most notable impact was in Kopa Village, the epicentre of where the farmers lived. IDAI destroyed bridges, roads, houses, leaving over 100 households homeless, 200 individuals missing and a death toll of about 275. 
The area has been declared condemned and unfit for human habitation by local government, however, over 100 families still live in tents in this exact area.

Our Response

For this village to succeed, more is needed than just the infrastructure. 

Economic independence, will enable opportunities for youth, allow the community to create its' own jobs and pay for peripheral services. 

Our role is to ensure the village has:

  • disaster proof housing

  • circular, hygienic sanitation

  • sustainable water sources

  • access to health facilities

  • runs on green energy

  • practices organic and circular farming


“Impact is not a matter of size, it's a matter of strategy”

- Mehluli



Creating relieve together

An initiative created by Realty Africa and Fruitcon

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